Our graphics/prepress department provides a wide selection of services including typesetting, proofing, layout, imposition, design, photo retouching, scanning and design. Our experienced staff specialize in direct mail marketing electronic material. Envelope designs and letterhead fitment through said envelope are all inspected to be USPS compliant prior to production. Artists here are truly professionals, and above all; very creative.

Got an idea for a design? We’ll help you translate those thoughts visually on screen for your review in a timely manner. If you would like us to present mock ups or thumbnails to help begin a colorfully attractive marketing campaign for your company, our artists will gladly help in that process as well. The artists primarily work under MAC OS platform, but are adept in Windows platforms and software as well. There are essentially no limits to one’s imagination, our graphics team will help you create a visually appealing product that is tailor made to help achieve your company’s goals.

Technical specifications:
MAC OS platforms
Windows/PC platforms
Adobe CS3/4 software
Quark 7
Kodak Preps
MS Office
Print Smith
Extensis Suitcase