We will handle all of your mailing needs; from folding, inserting, metering, sorting, traying/sacking, and much more. Our production techniques will also get you terrific prices on personalized and matched mailing projects which can be very expensive at most other mail houses. Our mail house/lettershop services will take your direct marketing campaign from laser printing to delivery to the bulk mail entry unit of the USPS. Another specialty of ours is matching personalized letters with inserts or envelopes, and sometimes all three in one! We have quality control measures that ensure these personalized mailings are done accurately and by economical means.

As mentioned, we can live meter, affix postage stamps or use postal permit number accounts for your mailing in order to achieve the postage savings desired. We can handle various sized amounts of mailing projects, from five hundred pieces to thousands! For most mailings, file transfers of your files (ie: data, artwork, letter copies, etc.) are received via e-mail or FTP servers that are secure, simple, and swift.

We also offer full project management services. This entails partnering with your company to achieve its goals from start to finish. From the beginning stages of data list preparation, to printing of letterheads and envelopes, and all the way to the end stages of transport delivery to your office or USPS bulk mail entry unit.

Here are some other ways Western Mailing Services can help serve you:
Personalized databases
Presorting data lists to achieve postage discounts
Custom laser and digital printing
Inserting, sealing  and stamping mail
Postal documentation preparations
Direct delivery to USPS bulk mail unit
Process and track responses per request