Western Mailing Services can also print in foreign languages too. We frequently print and mail to French and German speaking countries in Europe. And now, our data specialists have ventured to printing Japanese characters and mailing to Japanese residences.

Japanese data addresses begin with the largest division of the country, the prefecture. These are generally called, Ken (県), but there are also three other special prefecture types: “” (都) for Tokyo, “” (道) for Hokkaido and “fu” (府) for the two urban prefectures of Osaka and Kyoto. Following the prefecture is the municipality. For large municipality, this is the city (shi, 市). For smaller municipalities, the address includes the district (gun, 郡), followed by the town (chō or machi, 町) or village (mura or son, 村).

The next element of the address is the location within the municipality. Many cities have wards called, (ku, 区), which in turn may be divided into a machi or chō (町). Towns may have smaller parts with names like chō, ōaza (大字), or aza (字), or even smaller koaza (小字).

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Japanese Addressing