Would you like to have your business to have an international audience? Expand the reach and awareness of your brand and develop marketing campaigns aimed towards a global scale. Western Mailing Services can help your company communicate your product or service worldwide very easily through targeted campaigns of letter mail, postcards, invoices or individual reports. We can help transform your local business in having a global presence with very little hassle and through affordable means.

Mail pickups are flexible and can be arranged to fit the frequency of your mailings. Sorting and processing are all completed in house. For extra assurance; airway bills are completed and copies can be supplied to you at your convenience.

Depending on which part of the world you would like to mail, we can help you arrange pre-agreed rates to best match your budget and there is no need for payments up front due to the simple invoice process after mailings.

Foreign mail is not a new concept for us, we are an innovative business and have close to 10 years of experience with handling international mail. We are very confident with providing our clients with the utmost reliable international mailing service.