Speedy personalization is what makes Western Mailing Services the lettershop of choice is Las Vegas. The laser department is headlined by 3 high speed Kodak output devices:
2  – Kodak Digimaster E125
1 – Kodak Digimaster 9100

The Kodak Digimaster E125 employs a breakthrough image technology that delivers sharp text, crips halftones and rich graphics. Other features include rapid image processing and a print speed of 125 pages per minute (PPM). The Kodak Digimaster 9110 also features rapid image processing with speeds of 110 PPM. Both machines offer inline stapling and have three large drawers that can hold 1,000-2,000 sheets of paper at once.

All of the laser department’s staff are specially trained and are certified technicians who maintain a 24 hr rotating schedule. Laser printing is heartbeat of our company’s daily operations.